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Not In the Face…..OK

Rest In Power Mr. Soprano


When Tweets Attack

When Tweets Attack

Chick CEO Dan Cathy? The cat from last year who pleaded “guilty as charged” to “supporting the traditional family,” Tweeted yesterday after the DOMA decision:

“Sad day for our nation; founding fathers would be ashamed of our gen. to abandon wisdom of the ages re: cornerstone of strong societies.”

Cats like him wont change into their dollars are a affected, now who gonna legitimately boycott them??—- Most Likely Not Me


Wait we dont have to only strive to be Rappers or Ball Players

Wait we dont have to only strive to be Rappers or Ball Players

Yes the head of Olive Garden and Rde Lobster is a brother from Watts Cali. His bio is awesome and very inspirational. Please Please tell you your sons they dont have to only strive to be a ball player only…they can One Day Own The Team


Under The Dome **xxclusive** episode 1

Under The Dome **xxclusive** episode 1

CBS has been kickn’ ass this summer, 1st with Brooklyn D.A. and now with soon to be summer banger Under the Dome. It’s a suspenseful sci-fi hybrid drama from the sick ass mind of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg.

Nuff Said…Go…..Goooooo Watch!!!


Billionaire Playboy Ish

Billionaire Playboy Ish

What do you do after a 250mill divorce…you make a sex tape with 3 young tenders out in France.
That’s what Pharmaceutical Billionaire Stewie Rahr did:
In the clip we’ve seen, the orange-faced pharmaceutical mogul can be heard murmuring appreciatively and urging the three brunettes to perform sex acts on each other. The short-skirt-wearing women comply with gusto, making out before moving onto more explicit acts, which Rahr, 67, closely films. The song “I Don’t Care, I Love It” can be heard in the background. He then sent out the sex tape to scores of outraged New Yorkers with the message, “What a trip, what a crew!”

DOne..Legend..Playboy..Get It How U Live!!!


Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally


1. Do not sympathize with your enemies.

Your enemy will bide his time and strike back when you least expect.

2. When you pity or hope for reconciliation, it will make you hesitate.

They may act friendly for the time being, but they will eventually destroy you

3. An enemy that is left around is like a half-dead viper that you nurse back to health.

You only strengthen their fear and hatred of you.

4. Give your enemies nothing to negotiate, no hope, no room to maneuver.

Do not humiliate, yet nurture these resentful vipers who will one day kill you.

This is all the truer with a former friend who has become an enemy. The law governing fatal antagonisms reads: Reconciliation is out of the question. You must exterminate, crush, and deny them the chance to return to haunt you.

Such is the case of Hsiang Yu and his enemy Liu Pang. Hsiang had proven his ruthlessness on many an occasion, but with Liu Pang he acted differently. Every time he had his rival in his hands, something made him hesitate—a fatal sympathy or respect for the man who had once been a friend and comrade in arms. But the moment Hsiang made it clear that he intended to do away with Liu, yet failed to accomplish it, he sealed his own doom.

Liu would not suffer the same hesitation once the tables were turned. Now Hsiang Yu was on the run from Liu and when he came upon a small group of his own retreating soldiers, he cried out, “I hear Liu Pang has offered one thousand pieces of gold and a fief of ten thousand families for his head. Let me do you a favor.” He then slits his own throat and dies.

It is not, of course, a question of murder, it is a question of banishment. Sufficiently weakened and then exiled from your world, your enemies are rendered harmless.

They have no hope of recovering, insinuating themselves and hurting you. And if they cannot be banished, at least understand that they are plotting against you, and pay no heed to whatever friendliness they feign.

Sometimes It Is Better To Let Your Enemies Destroy Themselves

Leave your enemy an escape route. A retreat is the ultimate demoralizing defeat.Let them be the agents of their own destruction. The result will be the same.
The risk of crushing an enemy is you embitter them so much so that they spend years and years plotting revenge. Do not let your guard down, but simply crush them again.

Law 15: Crush Y…

Snack Wars…..The Yellow Kid Strikes Back

Snack Wars.....The Yellow Kid Strikes Back

The Hostess Brand is back and their in good shape to kick the comps ass. We all know they were on the verge of extinction last yr but has since been re-acquired:

After a six-month absence from store shelves, the iconic cream-filled sponge cake will return next month — beating out bakery competitors that were hoping to displace it.

Apollo Global Management and veteran food exec Dean Metropoulos, who bought Twinkies and other snack brands from bankrupt Hostess Brands earlier this year, said the beloved cakes will start appearing July 15.

More importantly Hostess beat their rivals to punch of re-launching:

The new owners of Hostess not only beat Drake’s to market, but also Mexico’s baking giant Grupo Bimbo, which is months behind schedule in launching a Hostess knock-off brand under the Sara Lee label.


Mo Meta Blues

Mo Meta Blues

Questlove Memoir..slick cover.. GO BUY IT!! #legendary rootscrew #215 #golistentoIlladelphialife


Come try some overpriced super sugary liquid crack

Come try some overpriced super sugary liquid crack

Bucks is unleashing their new summer iced mark the occasion June 27-29 will be half off from 3-5pm. Perfect reason to go on the elongated faux smoke break at work


The Illest Walk For Cheesecake in Mankind

The Illest Walk For Cheesecake in Mankind

Diddy + Cheesecake +Choppa,Ness,Fred, Babs,Sarah Stokes and last but not least Dylan Dylan Dylan+=Epic’ness
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