“Staten Island is 80 percent white, 95 percent cops and the other five percent are split between firefighters and the members of the Wu-Tang Clan,”

In lieu of the horrific Eric Gardner case, SNL kicked major ass this week with Franco hosting and the uber bad ass Nikki Minaj music artist. The real gems were the opening Al Sharpton bit and Weekend Update.


The Last Great Espys

Coming of the uber talented Aubrey Drake hosting duties at the 2014 Espy,  Deadspin relieves the now old skool Norm MacDonald eSPY monologue from 1998. Safe to Say….

He wont be hosting

I know people have and will continue to cheat but DAMN YOU TIGER…

So this company called MSPY is sleling phones with the spy software on it.

Software called mSpy is capable of recording your calls, monitoring your Internet use, tracking what you type, monitoring your SMS, WhatsApp and Skype conversations and pinpointing your location. The company claims that the person you’re spying on will have no idea that you’re seeing their information.


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“Technology of War”

“Technology of War”

Since me might be on the cusp of WW3, thought you might like to know how a F22 Raptor and Sidewinder Missiles work….


The Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show

International Auto Shows crush Domestic ones…Here are some highlights from the The Frankfurt Motor Show


“Bound 2” Live on Fallon

“Bound 2” Live on Fallon

Simply put, one of the illest tracks on the most hated but soon to be loved Yeezus album “Bound 2”. Classic Ye- funny lines, amazing sample placement, Uncle Charlie killing it and the Legendary Roots Crew on background.

Cant wait till 11/21


Industry shady needs to be taken over

Industry shady needs to be taken over

Music industry has basically taken a Lindsay Lohan nose dive in a mountain of cook since 2000. Personally it was a long time coming–how in the hell does a CD cost 3cents to make but 15$ at Kemp Mills. That comes out to about 500% profit- so in turn I haven’t bought a CD or iTunes song in at least 10+ years.

Like Hov said #NEWRULES


The War is On!!!

The War is On!!!

DMV Alum and ESPN anchor Scotty Van Pelt throwing shots at Fox Sports 1