“Staten Island is 80 percent white, 95 percent cops and the other five percent are split between firefighters and the members of the Wu-Tang Clan,”

In lieu of the horrific Eric Gardner case, SNL kicked major ass this week with Franco hosting and the uber bad ass Nikki Minaj music artist. The real gems were the opening Al Sharpton bit and Weekend Update.





Why…Like who would wear these in any circumstances?

Real Spit

You better listen to the Godfather


“I don’t know anything about government cheese and gold chains, I’ve never worn gold chains in my life,” one of the stars says on the show. – 

Let the b.s.drama begin as Lifetime premiered a show called BAPS chronicling uppity Black people. Two things popped in my head: BAPS the movie with Halle Berry was turrible’ and the hunnies on the show look premo’ so I will be watching no matter the ignorance levels.

My thoughts on show like this,Happy To See Blacks on TV No Matter What. Their are plenty of corny putrid “white shows” (Bethany,Wings,Friends etc) and now their can be some “Black” ones too. Also I don’t wanna hear no backlash from Black people over this show. Our culture from day one has yearned to be more accepted mainly through fashion and even physical changes so nothing on this “docu-reality” should surprise you.Tell you what if a Black man being murdered by cops and Chicago youth get eviscerated don’t get you upset this show shouldn’t either

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv-t10QeWuM%5D

Car Crash Deja Vu #onlyinva

SMH…once again  #onlyinva will a car crash into a house twice in 10yrs. 


Who knew a washed up tight end and potting soil had so much in common

Wait Wait he threw flower potting soil at his girlfriend…I CANT!!!!!

Get some help Fred Davis and stay out of Adams Morgan


Know your role……Player

As King James and Melo signed their 20mill a yr max deals guys like Avery Bradley(4/32m) and Jodie Meeks(3yr/19m) also inked multi-million dollar deals. While King and Melo are perennial all stars and faces of the league, guys like Bradley and Meeks are at best.. role players with little to no impact on a outcome of a game. Please Please dont forget if the Owners can pay a role player 8mill/yr just how much are they are making on the back end.

Speaking of bugged out nba deals, I ran across this link in an old Jet magazine that reviewed the  Lew Alcindor(Abdul Jabbar) rookie deal. A number 1 pick today gets a 3yr/15m deal, Alcindor got a 5/1.4m deal(in today’s dollar 8.4m).

Alcindor opted for a more compact streamline deal with Bucks over the ABA NJ Nets who offered 5/3.4 but included tv $ and stocks. Oh Yeah by the way NJ Nets & ABA folded a few years later


The Last Great Espys


Coming of the uber talented Aubrey Drake hosting duties at the 2014 Espy,  Deadspin relieves the now old skool Norm MacDonald eSPY monologue from 1998. Safe to Say….

He wont be hosting againg..ever.lol