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GO Gators

GO Gators

One of the best articles on the hernandez murder case. Listen, can you blame The Hoody for this guy action. This is Pro Football, his job is to win games–at any cost.For those saying they should’ve never drafted him—wake the hell up- the guy one of the top 5 tight ends in the world. As a coach/ owner and fan I don’t mind the risk at all.


The Price War Continue

The Price War Continue

Simple Fast Food Math Equation

Sub-par Fries-Average Beef Patty + McDonald’s kicking your tail with the Dollar Menu + BK French Fry Burger.

Looks lame and blah…very similar to BK overall experience.


The True Geunis of Miley and Farrah

Farrah and Miley Smoking a Bag of Trees/ K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Listen this note isn’t about twerking or above avg. sex tape…This is about How to Market Yourself in the Twitter/FB era. Long gone are the days of the uber talented grinding for years to make it to the Top- this is the Shock and Ball era.

I don’t want to dig too deep into Mliey but her rise to the top is inspiring for all future woman who want to get/ stay relevant in the “bizness”. Yes she was a child star but how many child stars never transitioned to adulthood (The little white kid from Home Alone, the one from Problem Child, the whole Diff’rent Strokes cast). Thru sheer hard work, dedication and a shit ton of coke and chronic she latched on to some rappers and started shaking her ass for fame.

While Miley getting all the hype, we should be peeping Farrah Abraham.  Abraham was a star on the inspiring MTV show Teen Mom. Early this year she parlayed her role and starred in a highly popular and well produced Sex Tape. I mean just a few days ago she was charged with choosing partying at the VMA over taking her kid to 1st day of school. These ladies simply know how to Move the Meter.

These are some HD quality clear examples of leverage and parlaying. Miley first grabbed the Disney chamber, hopped into music now into the rebellious sexual free zone.  Farrah parlayed her stint on Teen Mom to a Million dollar deal for her Backdoor Teen Mom flick. Listen…this is Hollywood- you wanna keep your morals/ sanity then go be a Priest (Ooops too much) if not get your tail on camera and make it happen.

Young girls really gravitate to this mindset & professional trail Miley, Farrah, Kim K and countless others are blazing a new path, they will in a sense become the “ Harriet Tubman” for the new generation.

The Sapphires

The Sapphires

Cute Movie…small plot twist teaser…White Guy Saves The Day!!!!!




Nothing like the smell of old books

Industry shady needs to be taken over

Industry shady needs to be taken over

Music industry has basically taken a Lindsay Lohan nose dive in a mountain of cook since 2000. Personally it was a long time coming–how in the hell does a CD cost 3cents to make but 15$ at Kemp Mills. That comes out to about 500% profit- so in turn I haven’t bought a CD or iTunes song in at least 10+ years.

Like Hov said #NEWRULES


Spike is out for Blood


Spike Lee’s Latest Campaign

To those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Spike Lee defined Black Culture.  From legions of pre-pubescent boys sneaking to watch their parents’ VHS (yes it’s that old) of “She’s Gotta Have it” to proudly sitting in the movie theater with our parents (during its limited three week run) to watch “Malcolm X” xor “School Daze” – Spike Lee managed to capture the essence of the Black Experience while breaking the Hollywood myth that “black movies don’t make money.”

Spike has proven again and again, that it is not necessary to appeal to the “lowest of the low” (e.g. cross-dressing men, the step-and-fetch it stereotype, the neck-rolling angry black woman, or the drug dealer on the corner) in order to present a compelling narrative of Black life in America.  That is not to say that these don’t exist in the Black experience, but they are by no means the only definition thereof.

Despite his successful track record, quality Black films are still hard to fund in Hollywood. Quick segue: Yes – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” can be categorized as a “quality film,” and yes the Civil Rights struggle is important, and yes, I’m happy that it’s being portrayed on an outlet other than PBS (finally) – but I’m tired of “quality” Black films being told through the lens of people in servant roles – there is simply more to our experience, our culture and our people.

So Spike has recently kicked off a Kick Starter campaign to raise a million dollars to fund his new movie “Blood.” I recently caught Spike on the Combat Jack Show and up until then, I had forgotten how deep the brother’s resume really was. LINK.


I’m excited to donate to this campaign, and help Spike continue to make amazing art and keep the Culture Alive.


We salute you Mooo-key (aka Mr. Mars Blackmon)!



Guess who the “Urban” artist at the Virgin Freefest….Robin Thicke

Hey Hey Hey!!

While Urban/Black culture is almost gone the way of the beeper..Robin Thicke is her to save R & B___INSERT JOKE HERE___.  We’ll according to Thicke and crew Marvin Gaye’s people feel otherwise and it led to a lawsuit. Thicke Pharrel and TI filed a motion–“A lawsuit was filed Thursday in California federal court by the trio against Marvin Gaye‘s family and Bridgeport Music, which owns some of Funkadelic’s compositions. At issue are complaints about similarities between “Blurred Lines” and at least two songs.” Copy of Lawsuit

In a nutshell Thicke is filing the motion in response to Gaye estate claiming Blurred Lines is directly biting off Gotta to Give it Up by Gaye .

The suit is a reaction to Gaye’s camp threatening to sue for damages.



Listen theirs no effn’ doubt that Blurred Lines was born from Give It Up but that doesn’t mean it was copied. Black artist have been getting screwed and strong armed for their publishing and royalties for yrs. so you wanted to sing “Black Music” ,…Here Ya Go!



For many years, I had the same morning routine: shower, bang a WU-Big-Deathrow mix, and then watch SportsCenter until it was time for me to roll out to work. About four of five years ago, SC & ESPN became unbearable to stomach that early in the day – maybe it was the corny anchors and their clichéd punch lines, or maybe it was the blatant one sided reporting (e.g. inaccurate and biased reporting of Black athletes doing some shady things yet never touching on guys like Matt Jones cutting up coke on his car dash).  Then again, maybe I just outgrew them, and have lost the ability to be entertained by such drivel (c’mon man!).

Fast forward to earlier this year – the entertaining (yet scattered) Fox Sports Network announced that they were launching their own 24-hour sports channel dubbed “Fox Network 1.”  At first glance, most ESPN fans will denounce this start-up as a cheap and blatant knock-off, but it is not…or rather – it shouldn’t be. Fox has the money, access to talent, and key partnerships (e.g. Bing/Microsoft) to make this a success.  (Though it could be argued that Google would have been a better strategic fit given their deep resources, and built in distribution channels via Google +).

Fox Network 1 debuted on August 17th with a string of major UFC fights followed by “Fox Sports Live.”  Fox Sports Live is this network’s answer to SportsCenter and is anchored by an interesting cast – Donovan McNabb, Gary Peyton, and Andy Roddick – who aren’t known for being shy and retiring.  Just yesterday, McNabb was giving interviews (admittedly on another radio show) on how RGIII is being “brainwashed” by the Redskins, with RGIII responding that “it’s best that Donovan and I don’t speak…[and] he’s (sic) not an idiot.”  With a seeming feud, or at the very least a “mentor/mentee” spat in the making – get ya popcorn ready!

Overall this sounds promising, but then again so did Cineamagram before Instagram and Vine jumped them on the playground after-school and left them to limp home to mom.  If Fox Network 1 really wants to differentiate themselves, they should look to more diverse sources…for example, the internet (they’ve already proven they can go regional and local). More and more news outlets are utilizing social media as a source of video, clips, and story leads. Outlets such as Black Sports Online and local blogs that cover teams raw and uncut can offer viewers (both TV and online) with a broader perspective, while stroking their egos as they find content related to their hometown.

As a self-described “meat-head” (e.g. one who loves all things sports), I’m hoping that Fox Network 1 is able to scratch my itch for thoughtful, intelligent and most of all entertaining programming.  We’ll be watching!

I Guess The Dwindling Basket of Free Fries is Working

I Guess The Dwindling Basket of Free Fries is Working

Red Robin is beating casual fast food quarterly #’s.

“The Colorado-based casual burger chain continues to outperform the rest of the casual dining sector, after saying this morning that its company restaurants posted a 4.3-percent increase in same store sales in the second quarter.”