The Liquid Swordsmen Teaches

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GZA recently took his skills back to the lecture circuit in order to discuss the benefits of scientific studies during a recent talk at TEDxTeen. The Wu-Tang killer bee is the co-founder of the Science Genius program, which encourages youth in the New York City public school system to engage more aggressively in scientific studies with the help of hip-hop. GZA made it his business to spread the genius of the program to the audience at TEDxTeen with a comprehensive talk that detailed his childhood interest in science and explained the origins of the curriculum championed by he and co-founder Dr. Christopher Emdin. GZA pointed to science as a way of exploring and developing a better understanding of the physical universe before a few of his students hit the stage to rhyme about the theory of relativity. Check the footage below to watch GZA’s talk on the genius of science at TEDx Teen. Look out for GZA’s forthcoming Dark Matter LP. Stay tuned for more from the Wu.7


Lets Hope Oak doesnt get Chopped

I was a little tied up this week when one of my fave ball player Charles Oakley was on Chopped. Please no spoilers but if he does lose..lets hope he doesn’t do this to the judges


Stay Classy

While every other sports story is a millionaire getting arrested, these moments are the reason we really care about sports.


Eric Hutchinson new Treatment “Tell The World”

One of the better singers, Eric Hutchinson dropped a new single “Tell The World” today as pre-cursor to new album Pure Fiction. The new single is up tempo joint with thundering baptist church-like hand claps, it sounds like it can be in a Nissan Leaf or a Coke Cola commercial. The Black and White treatment showing Hutch at some of his fave spots in NYC is pretty cool. Clearly Hutch is in a happier place in his life and his music is showing that.

Cant wait till the album drops..

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I had to talk about this amazing ad by the good people over at Chipotle. In a nutshell a Scarecrow tells about the dangers of mass produced food and the horrible lives of live stock. Fionna Apple sings the classic Wily Wonka song “Pure Imagination”. Like I said I don’t know how effective it will be but it’ an AWESOME WATCH.

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Doug Willaims and the Gr8est Quarter of SB History

Word just hit the wire that Doug Williams was fired from his alma mater Grambling St. I want to personally salute you Doug for turning me into a Redskins fan (in a family from West Philly) and making my 2nd football moment a joy



2 of my entertainment heroes hooked up and made a reggae song….INSERT JOKE HERE_________________


New Nike Kobe Ad

SImply Ill…Awe Inspiring


Hey My Guy

New Max B and Frenchy Joint…Maybe I just miss hearing the charismatic Max spit but this sounds just feels good…

Take a Listen