Know your role……Player

As King James and Melo signed their 20mill a yr max deals guys like Avery Bradley(4/32m) and Jodie Meeks(3yr/19m) also inked multi-million dollar deals. While King and Melo are perennial all stars and faces of the league, guys like Bradley and Meeks are at best.. role players with little to no impact on a outcome of a game. Please Please dont forget if the Owners can pay a role player 8mill/yr just how much are they are making on the back end.

Speaking of bugged out nba deals, I ran across this link in an old Jet magazine that reviewed the  Lew Alcindor(Abdul Jabbar) rookie deal. A number 1 pick today gets a 3yr/15m deal, Alcindor got a 5/1.4m deal(in today’s dollar 8.4m).

Alcindor opted for a more compact streamline deal with Bucks over the ABA NJ Nets who offered 5/3.4 but included tv $ and stocks. Oh Yeah by the way NJ Nets & ABA folded a few years later



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