What a Dick Headed Plan #onlyinva

I had the privilege to live/work in Virginia in my mid 20’s to preset and it’s been a …Hmmm.. lets say it was an enthralling bloggable period of my life.  One of the few place I’ve called home was the city of Manassas. “Manasshole” is medium size town on the outskirts of NOVA (northern va). It most famous for 1.) a legendary civil war battle and 2.) the location of  The John/Lorena Bobbtit incident. For those that don’t remember..Lorena cut off John’s private part claiming to be in fear of her life. 


Well the latest ish-show was a 17yr old boy was charged with sexting his 15yr old girlfriend. Some how the teen boy was charged and  facing  multiple felony charges. As the case was heading to trial a few days back..Manasshole PD order the boy to take a pix of his private to fully identify it. YESSS…THE COPS WANTED THE KID TO TAKE OF A SELFIE OF HIS DICK FOR PROOF THAT THEY ARE CHARGING THE RIGHT DICK….LOL

I repeat only in VA…Lucky all sides came to their senses and dropped that Dick-headed plan “On Thursday, Prince William authorities decided to drop that plan. Lt. Brian Larkin of the Manassas City police said, “We are not going to pursue it.” LINK



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