How the Mailman calls the Post office

**Disclaimer**– Every sports fan fiber in my body cant stand Karl Malone. He’s corny, always chokes and even cost my 2004 Lakers a Chip. In saying all this, he’s the 2nd greatest power forward ever.

The Mailman was spotted in a interview using a flip-phone…wait wait..yes a flip phone. Malone owns several successful businesses and made over 100 mill in his NBA career and when asked why does he still use the Flip:

“What guys don’t realize is this is a masterpiece. It’s kind of like anything else. If you keep it long enough it’ll come back in style, kind of like bell bottoms. … But no, I just like it, old school, hard to get rid of.”



Love or Hate…He’s Keeping it So Karl Malone’ish



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