From Minny With Love..not Kevin

Wow, this story will dominate The Blogs,Media in the next few day.

Minnesota senator Pat Garofalo was enjoying the good Chi-Heat game when he sent out this heartwarming tweet:

Wow..where do we start, we’ll first thing this is Minnesota-place that elected Jesse” The Body” Ventura as Governor and SNL Actor Al Frnken as Senator. Number show the NBA pales in comparison to the NFL in crime peep the numbers:

  •  NBA had 7 arrests in 13 months compared to 27 arrests in only 5 months for the NFL. 
  • That is 0.54 arrests per month for the NBA. 
  • 5.4 arrests per month for the NFL. 
  • NBA has 450 players. 
  • NFL has 1,696 players. 
  • This means the NFL has 3.77x more players than the NBA. 
  • If you multiplied the NBA arrests by 3.77, you get 2.04 arrests per month. Which is less than HALF the amount of the NFL. 

Let the Fire Storm Begin LINK


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