A New Meaning to Ishn’ The Bed

In one of the oddest shrewdest moves made by a Mayweather since the addition of Beiber to the Money Team

Floyd’s Uncle Roger has applied for the Black Mamba trademark. I know..I know your thinking Kobe and Nike have been selling /calling Kobe Black Mamba for almost 10 yrs but apparently they didn’t trademark the name. TMZ reported:’But get this … when researching the trademark claims on “Black Mamba,” we couldn’t find any evidence showing Kobe has ever tried to trademark the name for himself. We did find applications for condom brands, carbonated drinks, male enhancement products, spinal implants, cigars and more … but nothing from Bryant,” TMZ stated. LINK



Where do I start- the brilliance of the MoneyTeam of the Incompetence of Nike/Kobe. I find it very hard to fathom Nike not trademarking this multi-million dollar campaign but if they did, i hope the people and charge of it  saved up cause it gonna be a lot of slow singing flower bringing in that dept.

Black Mamba according to Urban Dictionary

One of the nicknames of tha greatest balla Kobe Bryant.
Hey yo,bro! Did u c yesterday’s match? Our Black Mamba was on fire! Lakers fo’life!
by Tekillah December 13, 2006
PS:  While Nike was dropping the ball on the trademark, they were paying almost a Grand for a Black Mamba TV commercial haircut LINK 

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