The bain of any certified asshole is the act might inspire some to really like and dig you. Call it a Asshole Mid-Life Floyd Mayweather is going thru this transformation as we speak. After crushing the pay per view record and pocketing a cool 41M in his last fight, Floyd hit up The Colbert Report for a funny bit on “Street Chess” LINK. The bit is pure and very funny with the KO punch of Floyd saying he will punch current chess #1 Magnus Carlsen. The bit shows the funny and less ass-hole’y side of the champ. With the effortless & fluid training of Colbert leading Floyd plays off the interview questions with swift and deft movements just like his all time boxing defense he displays in the ring.

This is a huge turning point for Floyd  and his 200M empire as he enters the twilight of his masterfull career. To this point he played the arrogant rich prick who gets people to pay 80$ for his “boring” fights just to see him get knocked out. With these last few media appearances, Floyd is showing a funny and humble side to him that will actually get more people to buy his fights.  Who knows where this new role will take Floyd {maybe SNL} in any case the Reformed Asshole will still be The Champ.


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