100 Ways To Make Today Epic

Make it Happen

Thought Catalog

Take a personal day from work and actually do as many of these as you can. Instant epic-ness.

1. Upon waking, immediately blast your favorite song at top volume. Just for one day, don’t worry if you’re bothering anyone. Dance around while you get ready.

2. If you normally make coffee at home to save money, today is your day to splurge.

3. Take a walk in the morning to Starbucks or your neighborhood coffee place and breathe in the beautiful fall air while sipping on a pumpkin spice anything.

4. Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you.

5. Do something physical before work/class. Be it yoga, running, hooking up, or just jazzercising in your socks with your cat, you’ll feel good no matter what happens next.

6. Text five people you love with a funny Emoji or just a “HI MISS YOU!” The responses will…

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