The True Geunis of Miley and Farrah

Farrah and Miley Smoking a Bag of Trees/ K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Listen this note isn’t about twerking or above avg. sex tape…This is about How to Market Yourself in the Twitter/FB era. Long gone are the days of the uber talented grinding for years to make it to the Top- this is the Shock and Ball era.

I don’t want to dig too deep into Mliey but her rise to the top is inspiring for all future woman who want to get/ stay relevant in the “bizness”. Yes she was a child star but how many child stars never transitioned to adulthood (The little white kid from Home Alone, the one from Problem Child, the whole Diff’rent Strokes cast). Thru sheer hard work, dedication and a shit ton of coke and chronic she latched on to some rappers and started shaking her ass for fame.

While Miley getting all the hype, we should be peeping Farrah Abraham.  Abraham was a star on the inspiring MTV show Teen Mom. Early this year she parlayed her role and starred in a highly popular and well produced Sex Tape. I mean just a few days ago she was charged with choosing partying at the VMA over taking her kid to 1st day of school. These ladies simply know how to Move the Meter.

These are some HD quality clear examples of leverage and parlaying. Miley first grabbed the Disney chamber, hopped into music now into the rebellious sexual free zone.  Farrah parlayed her stint on Teen Mom to a Million dollar deal for her Backdoor Teen Mom flick. Listen…this is Hollywood- you wanna keep your morals/ sanity then go be a Priest (Ooops too much) if not get your tail on camera and make it happen.

Young girls really gravitate to this mindset & professional trail Miley, Farrah, Kim K and countless others are blazing a new path, they will in a sense become the “ Harriet Tubman” for the new generation.


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