Spike is out for Blood


Spike Lee’s Latest Campaign

To those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Spike Lee defined Black Culture.  From legions of pre-pubescent boys sneaking to watch their parents’ VHS (yes it’s that old) of “She’s Gotta Have it” to proudly sitting in the movie theater with our parents (during its limited three week run) to watch “Malcolm X” xor “School Daze” – Spike Lee managed to capture the essence of the Black Experience while breaking the Hollywood myth that “black movies don’t make money.”

Spike has proven again and again, that it is not necessary to appeal to the “lowest of the low” (e.g. cross-dressing men, the step-and-fetch it stereotype, the neck-rolling angry black woman, or the drug dealer on the corner) in order to present a compelling narrative of Black life in America.  That is not to say that these don’t exist in the Black experience, but they are by no means the only definition thereof.

Despite his successful track record, quality Black films are still hard to fund in Hollywood. Quick segue: Yes – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” can be categorized as a “quality film,” and yes the Civil Rights struggle is important, and yes, I’m happy that it’s being portrayed on an outlet other than PBS (finally) – but I’m tired of “quality” Black films being told through the lens of people in servant roles – there is simply more to our experience, our culture and our people.

So Spike has recently kicked off a Kick Starter campaign to raise a million dollars to fund his new movie “Blood.” I recently caught Spike on the Combat Jack Show and up until then, I had forgotten how deep the brother’s resume really was. LINK.


I’m excited to donate to this campaign, and help Spike continue to make amazing art and keep the Culture Alive.


We salute you Mooo-key (aka Mr. Mars Blackmon)!




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