Guess who the “Urban” artist at the Virgin Freefest….Robin Thicke

Hey Hey Hey!!

While Urban/Black culture is almost gone the way of the beeper..Robin Thicke is her to save R & B___INSERT JOKE HERE___.  We’ll according to Thicke and crew Marvin Gaye’s people feel otherwise and it led to a lawsuit. Thicke Pharrel and TI filed a motion–“A lawsuit was filed Thursday in California federal court by the trio against Marvin Gaye‘s family and Bridgeport Music, which owns some of Funkadelic’s compositions. At issue are complaints about similarities between “Blurred Lines” and at least two songs.” Copy of Lawsuit

In a nutshell Thicke is filing the motion in response to Gaye estate claiming Blurred Lines is directly biting off Gotta to Give it Up by Gaye .

The suit is a reaction to Gaye’s camp threatening to sue for damages.



Listen theirs no effn’ doubt that Blurred Lines was born from Give It Up but that doesn’t mean it was copied. Black artist have been getting screwed and strong armed for their publishing and royalties for yrs. so you wanted to sing “Black Music” ,…Here Ya Go!


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