Take Less Profits……Shhhhhheeeeeeiiiiiitt (CLay Davis Voice)

While many major city fast food workers have started a strike citing low wages, McD financial books were tightly scrutinized. Amazing writer Henry Blodget indicates McD could double there workers salary, keep the nicely compensated upper management salaries at a worldwide cost of 3billion thus dropping profits to 5.5billion. Yes 5.5 Billlllllllllionnnnn!!!!. Blodget finishes the article with the quote:

So, how about it McDonald’s? How about doubling your restaurant employees’ wages and just making less money? Your employees will be in great shape. And your shareholders will still do just fine.


In principle and logic this way of thinking works but not in the Capitalistic Jungle. Image

Listen it’s a Free Market…Ultimately that means you can buy or work for whoever you please. It truly not up to the Corporate Pimps to change there practices but up to the “people” to stick it to them where it counts the most…Wallet. You cant honestly think you can tell somebody/organization to stop making so much money…Really.


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