“That, ladies and gentlemen, is what this case is about,” Kelly says.. A murderer, who had guns, extorted and threatened people

Let The Big Show Begin !!!

That’s what Mob Boss Whitey Bulger dubbed this soon to be historical trial, which started this morning. So far the prosect. has dubbed Whitey as a cold ruthless killer “He did the dirty work himself, because he was a hands on killer,” prosecutor Kelly stated in his opening. Kelly opening pitch was the gruesome slaying of Bucky Barrett, a safecracker shot in the head by Whitey, buried in dirt floor, while Whitey took a nap. Prosecutor Brian Kelly then goes on to paint Whitey as a Drug Kingpin who moved over 50 tons in his reign: “Kelly says Bulger made millions off the drug trade while promoting the myth that he had nothing to do with drugs”  The caveat of Whitey being an FBI Informant will play a huge role in the trial. Defense lawyer Carney states ““The worst thing an Irish person could consider doing was becoming an informant,”  Prosecutor Kelly ends his intense opening statement by reading the names of 19 victims and showing there faces……..

“That, ladies a…

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