Throw your Rollys in the Sky

Famous words by the  legendary Chris Wallace-which kicked off the “Bling Bling” Era. In fact besides the Jesus Piece Cuban Link no other item symbolize the  era than the uber classic Rolex.

Now Rolex have been out since 1905 and do about 4.0 billion in revenue so they really didn’t need rappers to push their products.  After Biggie dropped that one line, my generation had a gold standard on watches. Found this dope link that talks about the auction for Biggie Rolex

Fast forward today, Rolex just launched a dope new marketing campaign which in their words

“Rolex doesn’t just tell time. It tells history. Check out the new #worldmade global campaign celebrating history’s Icons.”

Sounds epixxx right?… they describe some of their  wearers as :

“Worn by luminaries, visionaries and champions. By artists, statesmen, explorers and leaders in their field. Only Rolex can claim such a distinguished group of wearers from the past and present. Rolex pays homage to these remarkable individuals whose lives changed the face of the world.”

The “King”

This marketing campaign looks really dope….just maybe….maybe, they would’ve saved a spot for Big Poppa.

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