Excuse my French


It’s here…after several yrs of first being the legendary Max B weed carrier/hype man French Montana debut album is here.  Now I’ve never been a huge Frenchy fan but his joints  are infectious and stay on re-peat.  He’s had about 5 smash singles the last year and half so one could guess his album would be solid to damn good…Lets see if it hold true.

The 1st track has  a dark eerie beat and a quick phone recording from Boss Don Bigaveli aka Max B.  The beat uses the Ye voice sample from Barry Bonds and Frenchy drops a few slick lines….were off to a good story.  TrapHouse features are fave over the top drug inspired rappers Baby and The Boss.  Nice and simple drugs..tuff talk and a lazy BirdMan verse

I Aint Worried is a pretty dope track–it reminds me of the Weezy joint “No Worries” which is solid mid level hit {VIDEO}.  A crown jewel is the Khaled, Snoop g oops I mean Lion, Movado & Ace Hood assisted “Fawk What Happens Tonite“.  The track has that Dip-Set Anthem sample in the intro and revs up to a dope level from there—-> After only a few tracks into this project..I get the sense Diddy and Frenchy came correct on this joint.

Tracks 8-12 provide the body of this project and they deliver with a Ricky Flair slap to the chest .

Ballin Out ft. Jerimith & Diddy could be a sneaky club hit. Diddy sounds quite refreshed since that wack ass Dirty Money experiment.


“Pop That” is well…….Pop That! What more needs to be said…still jumps out the speakers and Ross has the verse of 2012 on it….”I LOVE MY BIG BOOTY B&TCH@%” …Uck it, I got watch the VIDEO now. Up next is the  certain club banger Freaks- by the way I bet this comes off like Catholic Priest at a Boy Scout Convention in the Club.

My fave song on the album is We Go Where Ever We Want ft. Corey Woods aka Raekwon.  This joint is some mid 90’s boo- bap Ice Cream freaked ish’.  If your from my era this will get serious burn. Chef sounds alive…Frenchy is a Cuban Linx baby- which in my opinion is still the greatest hip-hop recording ever.  Other dope tracks include Marble Floors  {VIDEO}and Bust It Open.

This was a pleasant surprise, Frenchy and Diddy produced a hybrid Trap Musix with Mid 90’s hip hop collection.  I think Frenchy can do 140K in 1st week sales, I wonder if he waited a little too long to drop (thinking right after Pop That was killing the airwaves late last year).  Nevertheless French has officially graduated from Max B weed carrier to bonafide Rapper……..



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